Robur is a company based in Premana, a small village in the north of Italy known worldwide for the production of scissors and knives.

Founded in 1960, Robur has specialised in the production of scissors for manicure.

Over the years, through marketing, research for new materials and designs, Robur diversified its range of products, adding several types of scissors, amongst others embroidery and tailor scissors, kitchen scissors and scissors for electricians, as well as a line of different beauty care products such as files, rasps, tweezers, cutters, etc.

In 2005, to expand their product range, Robur acquired the brand TRITON, specialised in products for perfume shops and beauty centres in central and southern Italy.

In the same year, the company developed a new patented line of scissors called SPIRA,. The peculiarity of the SPIRA products, in high demand worldwide, is the shape of the scissors with the twisted handle.

The successive years were also entirely dedicated to the expansion of the product range with the development of the COLOR line (which includes scissors, tweezers, cutters, etc.) to make each product unique and customizable based on the requirements of our clients. In 2011, Robur launched the SCISTICK scissor, also patented, characterised by the plastic handle and its distinctive shape.

All Robur scissors are assembled using screws. Scissors, produced from hot and cold stamping steel, AISI 1050 steel, AISI 420 stainless steel, are subjected to heat treatment and to several manual and automatic processing steps which transform the raw material into the finished product.

Robur products are available in different finishes: nickel, matte or glossy chrome, sandblasted or glossy stainless steel, goldplated, black nickel, oxidised black, colored, etc.

Robur offers high quality products, produced and finished with care and attention to every detail to meet high customer expectations. Upon client request, Robur products can be personalised with logos and names using a laser machinery.